World is going through testing times. Situation is horrifying with the Covid – 19 breakout in 180 countries. The only solution so far tosave mankind from the jaws of this deadly viral disease is to stay home. Government’s have announceda major lockdown throughout the major countries in the world.

Another fatal attack that the virus has created is an economic breakdown, as entire businesses have been ordered either to lockdown or work from home.


The big companies are way more organised and have departments segregated for different chores. But with the fall in no. of staff members, everyone is looking for tools to manage work easily. Something that can cater to all our needs on a single platform. Im no different. With my staff not available, as a sole entrepreneur it gets difficult to handle everything on your own. Luckily for me I have been using an efficient application and I share this with all my friends and readers.

As businesses, we all need an accountant, manager,secretaries etc to make new proposals, create quotes, book entries, follow-ups and keep all our transactions organised, safe and available whenever and wherever required. The magical app that helped me manage my accounts with much more efficiency and ease is … INVOICE NINJA.

Yes, I had been working on this app not just to manage my accounts but also design new proposals, keep a log of all my entries. Send invoices & quotations by email with 1 click. Your clients view invoices online within apps secure system, and you get notification every time your clients view & pay invoices. Not just that, this app gives you the privilege of creating customised link for your clients, so they can open their link and get all their details without bothering you to assign another person to give them all the details. Imagine how much time and money it can save you. You can also set up automatic, recurring payments to repeat customers, weekly, monthly, annually.

The app is user friendly. Has dozens of features you need to run your business daily and is free for life. Yes, you read me right, its basic feature lets you work on it, free of cost and you can access the Pro service for a very nominal fee of just $10.(Pro Tip- for small to medium business basic plan is sufficient)Imagine as a sole enterprise how much money it can save you as youll not have to hire extra accountants,book entry person, etc. Thatsnot all, the app gives you your personalised dashboard where you can see your monthly sales, revenues, profits, etc. It lets you manage all your clients, quotes, tasks, expenses, credits, payments, products.

It’s a cloud based app, which means you can access it from anywhere. If you forget to carry your personal laptop or hard drive, you can still access it by logging into your account on any gadget. Itgives you a security feature, you can assign passwords to your invoices. Fix Staff roles and limit their access. The app also has a payment gateway feature that includes all the major credit and banking organisations, so you can manage all your payments online and manage business more conveniently.

Im adding a link to the app which will give you a free subscription:


Invoice Ninja, is a free open-source invoicing app for freelancers and big businesses, this will help you manage your invoices way easy and I think it’s a great tool for you to manage your work from home and reduce your stress of how to manage your work in the present day scenario. And regularly, it will act like a super magic tool that will help you grow and manage business better.

Here is the link for your reference again. I hope for all you solo & big entrepreneurs this is a very efficient and effective tool.