AUDITIONS ! To become an actress/actor you can join some good acting class, it shall help you in brushing your skills and give you confidence to perform in front of many strangers.You can start without the classes as well. If you think you have it in you, give it a shot.The foremost thing is to audition , its like the first step. For auditions send your introduction videos to the casting directors and ask them to call you for suitable roles.You can get their contact number online or from their websites. Additionally you can join community pages on social media for auditions, where casting directors post for auditions along with eligibility criteria ,If you fit the bill apply. If you are in a city like Mumbai you can do walk in auditions. Where you can go to the regular casting centres and ask the casting director if you fit the role.Though the most suitable thing is to first circulate your pictures to the casting directors .You can email it to them and also add your introduction video along with your profile and then do weekly follow up with them .it is advisable to go for shortlisted audition so that you do not have to stand in queue or rush them uninvited.


Place your camera in front of you or ask someone to shoot it for you .

Keep your face straight and look into the camera as if you’re talking toother person (BE NATURAL ). Follow the script :

Hi im (your name) ex. Mohan RajSingh

Im6 ft tall (your height ) and Im 25 years old(your age ).

My contact no is 989290xxxx

and my profiles are : (then show your left profile & right profile with a smile and look into the camera back)

Lastly you can mention the languages you know and if you have anywork experience if you do not have any experience just end it there.

Good luck.

You can watch our video of Radhika apte with casting director Atul.They share their insights about casting.