Make Eid Special

Make Eid Special Recipe Shahi Kulfa in Less Time

Make Eid Special Recipe in less then 30 minutes Yes its true . Follow this recipe and you can make this Royal dish at home , Many of us thought that it is difficult to make at home but you will love it . Apart from that the dish is very yummy it is very HEALTHY Dish to be made in Summers Specially it will be loved from the little one’s to Grand Pa . Everyone will relish this delicacy . Since it is made by milk , Milk Cream, Bread, Nuts such as Almonds, Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Pistachio And Saffron adds lot o Health Value it is said the origin of this Dish is for last few 100 Years .



Milk Full Fat – 1 LITRE

Bread Slice – 8 Pcs

Milk Powder – 1 Cup (Approx)

Almonds – 50 Grams

Cashew Nuts – 25 Grams

Raisins – 25 Grams

Pistachio – 25 Grams

Saffron – 3-4 strands (Optional)

Elaichi Powder (Optional)

Milk Cream (Optional)


Take 8 Slices of Bread cut into small pieces and then Grind it lightly in the Mixer Remove the ingredients in the Bowl . Now Grind the Dry Fruits Except the Raisins in the same fashion Now take a vessel and put it on flame add One litre Of Milk and keep stirring till Half , Remember to Stir it Regularly till its left to Half a litre then add Milk powder to it and stir regularly so there are no lumps you can also add Milk Cream (Optional) Now add Bread and stir Mix the dry fruit and keep stirring it Now you can add sugar and Remember to keep stirring it till it settles like thick Medium Paste and turn the Flame off .

Take a Alluminium Vessel and shift the mixture into it , Now Garnish it With some More Dry Fruits and Let it Cool Down . Once it Cools Down Place it in Freezer for 3-4 Hours .

Yippie !! Our Shahi Dessert is Ready To Serve . Prepare this Mouthwatering Beauty #Eidspecial #Ramadan #Summercooler

Check The Video for the Recipe



make eid special shahi kulfa


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