Uddhav Thackeray: I am upset at what has happened early this morning 08:08 PM (IST), May 8
Uddhav Thackeray, Maharashtra CM addressed state at 8 pm on Friday evening. “We had an all party meeting. I would like to apprise everyone that everyone gave constructive suggestions. It was a sign of unity, everyone kept politics out of it. They all gave their suggestions. I am upset at what has happened early this morning (16 migrant workers crushed to death by goods train). It saddens me to see what happened. Migrants heading home. We have appealed to migrants that the state government is with them,” Thackeray said.”5- 6 lakh migrants have been accommodated in camps. We have started train services. We are co-ordinating with the state governments from their home states. The only thing to keep in mind is that there should not be crowding,” he added. CM told migrant workers to not be worried. “Maharashtra govt is with you. We solicit your support. The fight ahead is difficult, We need your support for the same. Please don’t fall for rumours. What happened is extremely unfortunate. Migrants were walking on the tracks.

They were exhausted. They sat on the tracks and fell asleep due to exhaustion. It’s very unfortunate.Please stay where you are. Please don’t lose your patience. We are working to solve your problem,” Thackeray said.Another rumour that is been doing the rounds for the last couple of days is that the army is going to takeover Mumbai, Thackeray said. “All shops will shut. Don’t fall for these. I have been completely transparent with all of you. There is no need for the Army to come in. You are the soldiers in this fight. The reason I am repeating some things is that we need to remind ourselves that this fight is a long fight and we need to stand united. We are increasing facilities and we have to keep in mind that monsoons will be here soon. We have to prepare for that too. We had appealed to the central government that if needed, we would need help from hospitals under central govt… like port trust hospital etc. The centre has given its go-ahead for that. Police are stressed. They are tired. They are still working. Some have died,” he added.