PM Modi in his address to the nation today, has put entire country into a Complete Lock Down phase for 21 Days starting midnight today.

This extreme step is required to contain the coronavirus otherwise we will go 21 years Behind in our Lives said PMModi. If we will not take it seriously we will be putting ourselves and our families and the community at large at risk. The PM said countries like America , UK, And Italy Who Are Well Equipped With the best infrastructure in the health departments are even not able to contain the Pandemic. In such a situation you can well imagine how much damage can happen to us.

Prime Minister Modi Pleaded with folded hands to the people of the country to support complete lock down . He further added all necessary arrangements are being made and all the measures will be taken, to look after everyone. He further stated Government is taking all things under consideration. The PM said we will hopefully come out as winner .If we win this challenge with social distancing we will be able to defeat the deadly pandemic COVID-19 created by corona virus throughout the world PM Modi said lockdown will be implemented strictly.

COVID-19 caused by the deadly corona virus is in its initial stages and its symptoms are yet to be confirmed scientists throughout the world are trying to find out the exact symptoms. For now it is a matter of research it is been considered that the incubation period for this virus is 14 days and the symptoms include cough high fever headache and severe respiratory problems .

It is important for people not to panic and take precautions that majorly includes social distancing self hygiene, hand hygiene and wearing a mask when you go out in public to buy any essentials. Dr’s have informed that in about 80% cases it can heal on its own and they will not require any medical treatment only in about 10% cases respiratory issues can demand for medical support

You can check the WHO site here for preventive measures.


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