Twins can read each others mind and feel the others pain! They dress alike and have similar tastes and likings! They are two sides of the same coin! If you believe these myths about twins to be true, then think again! Meet &TVs twin protagonists Vani and Rani, two halves of a whole who have nothing in common other than similar looks. One ruled by head while the other by the heart,
Vani and Rani have starkly conflicting personalities and beliefs which makes us question their relationship. & TV presents its latest fiction drama Vani Rani, an unconventional story of estranged identical twins. Starring powerhouse performer, Tanvi Azmi in the titular roles, the show premieres 7th August,
Monday-Friday at 7.00 pm on &TV.
Produced by Essel Vision and GTN Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Vani Rani is an adaptation of a popular South show of the same name. It chronicles the lives of middle-aged twin sisters who are as different as chalk and cheese. While Vani is a strict disciplinarian and successful lawyer, Rani is lively and a simple housewife.
Married to half-brothers, Vani and Rani live under the same roof but have not spoken to each other for 20 years. Vani has all the comforts that money can buy but her relationship with her husband is strained. On the other hand, Rani may not have money in abundance but is gifted with an extremely loving husband.
How they face challenges as their lives intertwine at different junctures forms the crux of the story.
Speaking about the show, veteran actor Tanvi Azmi shares, Playing a central character in a double role on this show has been challenging and exciting for me in a big way. Making it more interesting is the fact that the characters are diametrically opposite yet deeply connected. It is something that I have never attempted before and hence when I heard the concept I knew I had to be a part
of the show. Also, the characterization and story is so real that I am sure the audience will instantly relate to it and well they made me an offer I could not refuse!

In addition to Tanvi Azmi, the show boasts of a stellar cast with Sanjay Gandhi as Vanis husband Prakash Agnihotri and Iqbal Syed as Ranis husband Ajay Kumar Agnihotri. They are supported by young actors – Rahul Manchanda, Jitendra Nokewal, Jatin Bharadwaj, Rashmi Gupta, Shruti Bisht, Rose Sardana and Niya
Sharma in pivotal roles.

By Dharam Pal