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Punjabi Dahi Curry – Learn and Cook The famous speciality in Hindi

Punjabi Dahi Curry Learn and Cookthe famousspeciality in Hindi

dabur chyawanprash

dabur chyawanprash

Punjabi Dahi kadhi is a very popular north Indian dish and is almost made in every household. It can also be termed as a Punjabi delicacy. Prepared by fresh curd or slightly sour curd. People in Punjab also use thick buttermilk for preparing the Dahi curry. The Punjabi Dahi curry is prepared with Besan that is gram flour mixed with curd and for tadka the main ingredients are onions, garlic, ginger, fenugreek seeds , Hing ,red chilli powder , dhania powder , garam masala. and Turmeric.It is an extremely healthy recipe and not just to please your taste.It is often served with zeera rice but it also makes a great combination with ajwain Parantha and can be served as a speciality breakfast.
the Punjabi Dahi kadhi recipe is incomplete without the pakodas unlike the Dahi curry that is prepared in the South India which does not have the pakoras .The pakodas are prepared by mixing long chopped onions green chillis dried masalas such as salt, red chilli powder ,garam masala powder Dhanya powder and you can also add Kasuri methi to it. Watch the video for the complete recipe and do give us your feedback and your valuable comments. Do try this amazing recipe from the north India and make your loved ones Taste buds happy . Please Subscribe to the channel so you dont miss any new recipes.

Ingredients :


Sour curd


Green chillies



Fenugreek seeds (a must for flavour )


Red chilli powder

Dhania powder

Garam Masala

Turmeric (a spice with antibiotic properties and extremely essential for the deep colour of the food )

Coriander leaves

Red chilli whole (dried for flavour )

Jaggery (1/2 tea spoon)

Aamchur (dried mango powder if you want to make it more sour )