Motor Mitraan Di is an absolute entertaining film that can be watched openly with the family. MMD doesn’t fail to entertain you with the brilliant star cast. The movie unveils the truth behind Deras and Babas in a comedy way for the audience to grasp the message. The film is the story of 3 brothers Ravi (Happy Raikoti), Rajveer (Ranjha Vikram) and Bhaji (Gurpreet) and one day Rajveer buys a bus and name it as ‘Motor Mitraan Di’. The story also revolves around a dead girl and a bus journey with a Baba (Yograj Singh) and his disciples (Sardar Sohi and Harsharan Singh). SPOILER ALERT: Sonia Mann is in a double role in the film. The cast includes actors like Yograj Singh, Sardar Sohi, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Happy Raikoti, Ranjha Vikram, Harsharan Singh and Sonia Mann. With Yograj Singh in the film as a Dera Baba, he totally nailed it with his brilliant performance and behaviour transition. Actors like Ranjha Vikram, Harsharan Singh and Sonia Mann did a good job with their character in the film and took us all by surprise. The cinematography and music is promising and fall exactly on the right places. Director Amitoj Mann did an excellent work. He did not overdo the comic element and maintained the pace beautifully. The film is produced by Color 9 Entertainment.

By Mousumi Paul