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The Chandigarh girl Anya Singh has a reason to blush as her dream of becoming an actor has been fulfilled. She is entering in to the industry with Qaidi Band that is ready for release next month. The Yash Raj Film is being directed by Habib Faisal.

I would love to watch this kind of film and this made me take up this project. It is certainly a different kind of film at least for a newcomer like me.It is refreshing, new and a story not told before Anya quipped while she was in Chandigarh to promote her film.

Talking to she said, I didnt know what actually happens inside a prison during under-trials. To understand the feelings we were kept in the real prison to feel the kind of isolation one goes through. It was totally a different experience. The life is so hard in prison.

Though born in London, Anya family moved to Chandigarh and later shifted to Delhi. Thereafter she moved to Bombay in 2015 to peruse her dream of becoming an actor. I did few of the advertisement before I was selected by Yashraj banner. During that phase, I gave so many auditions but nothing worked out, it was a very tough time but the struggle finally ended with such a beautiful film, Anya affirmed and added, One day I bumped into Shanoo Sharma, casting director for YSR films, in a coffee shop who asked me to audition. Thats how my audition started but it was just the beginning as there were so many rounds. I auditioned for three months for this role.

I did a lot of theatre while I was in boarding school, and it used to make me feel good to perform on stage. No TV was available to us in hostel but music was always there to fresh our mind. She said and added, I love music a lot and I can sing a bit.
Sharing her experience about shooting Anya mentioned, Now I realized how difficult it is to shoot one song sequence which otherwise finishes in three to four minutes. Lots of hard work is involved in it despite the fact that it looks very glamorous from outside. I have also tried my hand on singing in the film, she added.

On being asked what lessons she took for preparing her role, Anya said, We were put into real prison to feel the kind of seclusion one goes through. Other than this we took diction classes, music classes as we were singers in the film, and learnt how to use instruments. We werent allowed to wash our hair for so many days. We wore no makeup, so we were very close to our characters.


By Sonika Bhatia