Inspired by the life of alive war heroes film Director Taranjiet Singh Namdhari has presented the film titled The Great Indian Escape. Produced by Bandna Preet Kaur it is a two hours film that would be released in October. The film was especially showcased for air force officials at No 3BRD Air Force auditorium Lecma here.

It is based on the real life of story of Flt Lt Dilip Parulkar and his counterparts Flt.Lt. M.S.Grewal and Flt. Lt. Harish Sinhji and many others.

Dilip and Grewal were also in Chandigarh for the showcase of the movie and got the chance to talk to them exclusively. While sharing his experiences Dilip said that he was posted at Amritsar Airfiled Rajansansi in 32 Squadron in December 1971. The war between India and Pakistan took place on 3rdof December. On 4thDecember while he was on his second mission he was flying a SU Fighter Aircraft. During this he got injured and felt down in Shor Kot near Afghanistan. He further mentioned that local people over there started hitting him badly and that time he was captured by Pakistani troop. They covered his face and took him to their air force station in Rawalpindi where he was kept in a dark room for long time.

Dilip affirmed that when he came know that 12 other IAF Pilots as POWs (Prisoner of War) had also been captured he met them and decided to flee from there and make it most outrageous prison break in the history of the Indian defense services.

While Namdhari stated that it was Dilips spirit of adventure and thrill that drove him to declare to his commanding officer, two years before the war that they fight in deep enemy territory and one bullet can cripple their aircraft anytime. He had said that if ever he becomes a POW he will flee as if he had a preconceived mind to escape. It was his spirit that inspired me to make a full fledged two hours movie. The various characters are inacted by actor Raghav Rishi, Raaj Singh Arora, Asheesh Kapoor, Tushar Phulke, Rohan Roy, Sidharth Sodhi, Mohit Jain and Amit Panchal.


By Sonika Bhatia