China Pavilion is organized by The State Council Information Office, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT), co-organised by Shanghai Wings Media, is set up for the first time at the 2017 Global Content Bazar in India. During the exhibition, it also successfully held the “Feeling China – Chinese Content Screening”.
(1) China Pavilion’s first show in India
This is the first time Chinese media and entertainmententerprises have come to India as a group. which brought together Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai SMG Pictures Co., Ltd., China Broadcast & TV Culture (Qingdao) Co. Ltd., VJ Animation Studio, 100UU (Tian Jin) Culture Communication Corp. Ltd, Daye Transmedia Group Co. Ltd., Hangzhou IX Media Co. Ltd., Guangdong WinSing Company Limited, Zhejiang Zhongnan Animation Co. Ltd and many other organizations.
In order to get closer to the local Indian audiences, the representatives from the Chinese film and television media companies translated the content into the local language, and especially with respect to the selection of the content, paid special attention to the characteristics of the Indian and South Asian markets. A number of outstanding films and television dramas, animation series, movies, documentaries and creative programs were highlighted, for example “After Shock”, “Young Style”, “Cohabitation”, “Legend of the Silk Road”, “She is Pretty” and other outstanding movies & TV series; “GG Bond: Guarding”, “J-Team: Guardians of Dreams”, “A Tale From the Orient” and other such outstanding Chinese animation works, as well as those works which have received a great response in China like “Eating in China, Traveling in China Series – The Most Famous Dishes You Have to Taste Traveling in China”, “Porcelain Story”, “The Forbidden City” and many other such excellent documentaries. In addition to this, there were some TV programs which have been super hit among the South Asian Chinese audience, such as “Top Funny Comedian” and “The Next”. It brought a visual feast for the international guests to attend the China Pavilion.
(2) Great attention to Chinese content
The first India’s “Global Content Bazar” was attended by hundreds of media companies from China, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Nigeria and other countries, with a total audience of over 2,000. At the same time, the show also brought together India’s most well-known major television stations, production companies, content distributors, Bollywood film studios and television studios, such as DOORDARSHAN, India Viacom, ZEE TV, India Film Division, etc. The types of content included movies, TV shows, animations and more.

By Dharampal