India’s most famous Fashion Designer is on the cover of HT brunch and does not look less than a Diva! Wearinga silk quilted short sherwani with a tiered-panel crinkled skirt with gold detailing, both from his own collection and at his candid best, Rohit Bal spoke about the drama that surrounds his personal life.

Admitting that he was always treated like a charmer from his growing up days in Kashmir long before he found fame in fashion, Bal says that as the years wore on, he became uncomfortable with judgments drawn from his looks, skin colour and profession. People are excessively curious about me. I know they find me interesting and want to be with me. I may be glamourous but I do look like I am on drugs? he asks incredulously. He emphasises that he is a recluse in the making, who barely eats at restaurants or watches movies in theaters.

Talking about his love life, Rohit quirkily said, “I might have been Devdas intense. When it is love, I cannot be in control. Love cant know control, limits. It is boundless. Completely all engulfing. If you dont give yourself completely, you are not in love. Grief is the same. I dont know how people say, I am not going to grieve, I am not going to cry. Why?”

Rohit Bal even spoke about his rumoured love affair with Arjun Rampal. Yes every season Rampal walks as Rohit’s showstopper and there have been numerous rumours about the two. Bal said I laugh about it. Arjun does too. He is my brother. I love him.

By Dharam Pal

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